Film photovoltaic systems exist of different cell technologies, never the less all face the same challenges in cost reduction and process optimisation.

Sika’s adhesive range enable high potentials in a reduction of installation time  as well as BIPV possibilities.

solar panels , solarpanel, adhesive, bonding mounting devices in production
Bonding mounting devices in production

Module installation with adhesive systems allows for a reduction of installation time of up to 40 %. It diminishes the risk for glass breakage and there is no need for complex buffer zones or pre-fixation devices.

Movie Backrail Bonding

solar panels, solarpanel, bonding to racking system on site, adhesive
Bonding to racking systems on-site

Sika’s adhesive technologies enable to bond the modules to the racking system on-site with an independency from module production.

junction box bonding and potting, adhesive, solar panels, thin film
Junction Box Bonding and Potting

A junction box sealant must seal tight to exclude moisture and  be flame retardant. The Sealants are also fast curing for accelerated processes.

flexible thin film bonding, solarpanel, solar panels, adhesive
Flexible Thin Film Bonding

As a lightweight solution it is applicable for weight sensitive applications like roofing. The adhesive must be easy to use during construction and installation but at the same time be durable.