Sika’s adhesive and sealant range offers the chance for enhanced production speed as well as material savings by structural performance of the adhesive technology.

Thanks to the comprehensive customer support by Sika, even new collector designs and developments become simplified.

One-shot cover glass bonding, structural bonding, collectors,  Adhesive
One-Shot Cover Glass Bonding

Thanks to the patented technology from Sika, the structural bonding of the cover glass and inline finishing can be combined.

While Sika’s application technology is securing the consistent filling of the L-shaped joint, the patented application head is finishing the joint surface in order that no manual post-finishing is needed.

The system combination is saving material and labor costs and enables new design options for further optimizations.

Movie One-Shot Cover Glass Bonding


Cover Glass Bonding with Lap Joints, collectors, adhesive
Cover Glass Bonding with Lap Joints

Thanks to the structural performance of the adhesive  Sikasil® AS-780 there is no additional mechanical fixing needed.
No more stacking and packaging needed thanks to the high initial strength.

Bottom Plate Bonding  collectors, adhesive
Bottom Plate Bonding

The bottom plate bonding is the first bonding step in the collector assembly giving shape and stiffness to the collector before insertion of the thermal components. It is crucial for the production process that the adhesive is providing a fast handling strength and curing. Sika provides a range of products with different curing, processing speeds and initial strengths, to fit into your production processes and cycles.