The innovative adhesive solutions provide a great potential in material savings and process optimization, reduction of installation time as well as new design options

Sika provides proven and extensively tested sealing and bonding products.

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Frame Sealing

Aluminium frames protect the glass edge and the delicate interiors as well as provide the means for installation.

Sika’s fast Two-component sealants allow for climate independent curing and an increase in process speed.

Durable sealants defend against moisture and environmental attack and a degree of protection against mechanical shock.

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New Frame Design

Thanks to Sika’s fast curing structural adhesives new frame designs become feasible. The new design allows for material savings and higher self-cleaning effect.

In addition the elimination of raised edges minimizes the trap of dirt and water.

bonding mounting devices in production, adhesive, solar panels, crystalline photovoltaic, cpv
Bonding mounting devices in production

This technology provides the highest cost saving potentials. It eliminates the frames and corner pieces. It also enables a reduction of installation time by up to 40 % and minimizes risk of glass breakage and cell cracks. Thanks to the adhesive system mounting systems can be bonded to modules without the need for complex buffer zones or pre-fixation devices

Movie Backrail Bonding

bonding to racking system on site, adhesive, crystalline photovoltaic, cpv, solarpanel, solar panels
Bonding to racking systems on-site

Sika’s adhesive technologies enable to bond the modules to the racking system on-site.

This allows an independency from module production as well as fast and easy application.

Junction Box Bonding and Potting, crystalline photovoltaic, cpv, solarpanel, adhesive, solarpanel, solar panels
Junction Box Bonding and Potting

A junction box sealant must be sealed tight in order to exclude moisture, be flame retardant and also be a good insulator. While it is essential that the adhesive and sealants are reliable they also need to be fast curing for accelerated processes.

Concentrated Photovoltaic

Sika’s two-component adhesive systems assure a long term tightness and accurate positioning of the cover glass and box for ages. The high temperature durability safe guards a secured bonding of the cooling system and a fast processing is feasible.