The excellent thermal insulating effect of bonded double- or triple-glazed units with coated glass - sealed by dual-seal technology - can save much of the energy otherwise consumed for heating or cooling.

insulating glass edge seal, facade insulation, silicone adhesive
Insulating Glass Edge Seal

High-modulus adhesives are compulsory for long service life of IG units. Furthermore only silicones are approved as secondary seal in structural glazing facades. For windows and capped curtain wall facades PU are a good value-for-money alternative.

A durable premium-quality butyl is a must in both air- and argon-filled IG units.

Sika joint calculator, silicone sealantSika Joint calculator
Sika Joint Calculator

Calculates structural glazing joints for glazed facade elements and secondary seal heights in insulating glass.

The tool guides you through the questionnaires and leads you to the final results which than can be printed out as official report. In addition you can create and maintain your own project database.

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Sika Joint Calculator