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1 FFI - Facade Systems Specification Guide Brochures English pdf 2,76 MB
FFI - Facade Systems Specification Guide

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This specification guide describes Sika’s façade solutions and products in details. It follows the project work flow from design engineering (joint calculations) and to project tests to application – the ideal literature for architects, consultants and façade engineers. - Structural glazing - Insulating glass - Weather proofing sealants, incl. non-staining for natural stone and non-streaking for glass and metal/composite panels - Fire-rated sealants - Façade installation: water/vapor proofing membranes - Surface pretreatment methods

Date: 21.09.2016
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2 FFI - High-Strength Structural Glazing Brochures English pdf 0,50 MB
FFI - High-Strength Structural Glazing

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This flyer highlights the advantages of the new high-strength adhesives for structural glazing (Sikasil SG-550) and insulating glazing (Sikasil IG-25 HM Plus):
- 60 % Smaller joints (ETAG approved)
- 30 % Slimmer frame design
- Up to 60 % material savings
- Lowest argon loss rates

Date: 07.05.2015
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3 FFI - Laminar Glass Bonding Brochures English pdf 1,57 MB
FFI - Laminar Glass Bonding

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Laminar Glass Bonding is a new technology for low-stress fixation of opaque glass panes in canopies and spandrels. It helps to reduce the panel weight by 30%. The glass panels have an excellent post-breakage behavior.

Date: 28.05.2015
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4 FFI - Solutions for Sealing and Bonding in Facades and Fenestration Brochures English pdf 1,82 MB
FFI - Solutions for Sealing and Bonding in Facades and Fenestration

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General overview about Sika’s solutions for Facades, Fenestration and Insulating Glass, e.g.
- structural glazing adhesives
- insulating glass edge sealants
- weather proofing sealants, incl. non-staining and non-streaking sealants
- fire-rated sealants
- glass embedding (glass wall grouting)
- ventilated facades: panel bonding, sound damping and panel reinforcing
- structural window bonding (direct glazing)
- façade and window installation: water/vapor proofing membranes

Date: 11.08.2016
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5 SikaTack® Panel System Brochures English pdf 2,21 MB
SikaTack® Panel System

Short description

The Elebance in Wall Cladding

Date: 13.09.2016
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